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One of the world's largest countries, Russia offers a good range of travel experiences, from climbing glacier-covered mountain slopes to strolling along the shoreline of earth's oldest lake. Historical sites and cultural activities within the country's major cities also are numerous. 

Historical Tours in Moscow Kremlin

The Kremlin may be a must visit place when visiting Moscow. Home to national government offices, four cathedrals inbuilt the 15th and 16th centuries and a famous museum. The vast land includes an armory, filled with treasures of the past. there's also the Diamond Fund exhibition, a set of jewels that has a 190-carat diamond given to Catherine the good .

Enjoy romanticism in St. Petersburg

The romantic atmosphere are going to be very felt when visiting St. Petersburg. Russia's northern capital features a classical cultural history, like theatre, ballet and opera. There are many historical buildings namely St. Isaac's Cathedral, Fort Paul and Peter and Nevsky Prospekt. there's also the National Museum of the State Hermitage Museum and therefore the Erarta Gallery featuring the best works of Russian and European painters. If you would like to enjoy stage and opera can visit the Mariinsky Theater. 

See the sweetness of Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus is found within the Caucasus in Southern Russia at an altitude of 5,642 meters (18,510 feet). Mount Elbrus is included together of the Seven Peaks, the very best peak within the world. This mountain is visited by many climbers, both beginners and who have often climbed the mountain.

These three natural attractions in Russia are a requirement visit because it'll provide an unforgettable experience. able to visit Russia?

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